About Us

We provide top class technical advice and are passionate about helping innovative companies reach their fullest potential.  

About Us

Based out of Merseyside but working nationwide, our aim is to help businesses reach their full potential through the funding of their innovative projects. We’re passionate about your growth and with our guidance, we want to see companies flourish.

We have over 4 years experience dealing with R&D claims from a variety of sectors and a range of business sizes. Whether you are a start-up looking for a new way to break into your market or a long-standing family business trying to solve problems that you have faced for years, we can help.

Our staff have assisted companies all over the UK in claiming over £4,000,000 back from HMRC through the R&D scheme and we want to see this number go up every week. We pride ourselves not only on our technical knowledge but also our ability to provide top class customer service at a reasonable price.

We want to help companies fund their future!


The Average R&D Claim Value In This Sector Is £50,000


This Sectors Makes Up For 24% Of All R&D Claims, Could You Be Missing Out?


The Average R&D Claim Value In This Sector Is £57,000

Renewable Energy

It's Not That Easy Being Green, But Claiming R&D Could Make It A Lot Easier.

Food & Drink

The Food And Drink Industry Is The Biggest Under Claimer Of R&D Tax Credits.

Our Mission

“Our company mission is to offer R&D Tax Credits to companies all around the UK at the cheapest rate possible. Our goal is to beat any company both in quality and in price. We want to help companies fund their future.”

Dan Davey - Managing director

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