Going above and beyond the norm lands electrical supplier £29k in R&D Tax Credits

After years of creating bespoke lighting products for their industry, Acorn Electrical thought that this was all just part of the job. As it turns out, what they were doing qualified for R&D Tax Relief and the business was able to claim a significant amount back in the form of cash that can be reinvested into the business.

Bob Gordon, one of the directors at Acorn had this to say:

“I’d like to thank Dan for all his work in the background securing us a R&D tax credit.

As a company we were unaware of the fact we could claim tax back on the research and development part of our business and had always accepted it of as an expense we could do nothing about. However, after a short conversation with Dan, we decided to ask R&DTaxCredits.org to act on our behalf and this has ended up with the refund by the tax department being paid into our bank.

I wish we’d investigated this years ago as the amount was almost £29,000, which makes the amount we pay in tax a little more tolerable.”

Could you or someone you know be missing out?