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“Our company mission is to offer R&D tax credits to companies all around the UK at the cheapest rate possible. Our goal is to beat any company in both quality and in price. We want to help companies fund their future.”

R&D Explained

What are R&D tax credits?

R&D tax credits are a government incentive designed to stimulate growth and to reward innovation from UK companies. The scheme has been running for over a decade and has been so successful, that it’s been guaranteed until 2032. 

How do R&D tax credits work?

In short, companies spend money developing new products, processes and services; or bettering/simplifying existing ones. A percentage of this (26-33% depending on tax position) is then eligible to be paid back to the company or removed from any outstanding corporation tax bill. 

Are you eligible for R&D tax credits?

A lot of companies are eligible for R&D tax credits, but they just don’t know it. As long as you are a limited company spending money on innovative projects and solving common industry problems, there’s potential for you to make a claim.

How We Work

Why Us?

Here at R&DTaxCredits.org, we have over 3 years experience specialising in submitting and maximising R&D claims for an array of company sizes. Through the years our staff have gained more than £5 Millon back for SME’s right across the UK. We understand our clients are extremely busy and will never ask you to commit more than an hour of your time to meet and speak with us.

Our Process


No-Win, No-Fee

Like most boutique R&D advisers, we wont charge you unless we get the job done and there are no charges if we don’t find anything that qualifies. We only charge a 15% success fee for our services.


We want to work with you!

If your network or client base contains companies that could benefit from our services, we’d love to help them out. By introducing clients to us, you will not only receive a percentage of our invoice, but also adds value to you and your network.

For Accountants

Our R&D Accountant partner programme ensures you and your clients receive the best service possible, maximising and streamlining submissions. Through collaboration, we can ensure the most robust and enhanced R&D claim is submitted for your clients year on year.